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Providing Telehealth Psychotherapy for Couples and Adults in Texas
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Let's Restore Intimacy and Connection to Your Marriage & Joy In Your Life

Welcome to Harmony Counseling Services!


I am Kimberly Gist Miller.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both Texas and California.

I am both human and psychotherapist.

While I am trained and experienced in working with individuals, couples and families, I am most passionate about helping married couples build beautiful marriages that are connected, loving and joyful.

I also enjoy helping adult clients connect with their inherent sense of worthiness and becoming the best version of themselves.

My mission is to help my clients improve the emotional and relational quality of their lives. I believe that everyone possesses all that they need to be well, and psychotherapy is an opportunity to remove the barriers and develop a better connection with self and others.


I would love to meet you and see if we might make a great team. I welcome the opportunity to help you create a more joyful life and create more connected relationships.

How I Can Help
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Therapy for Individuals

Sometimes life just hurts and you just don’t know where to turn. It’s not uncommon to hit “bumps in the road” of life and the good news is therapy can help. Therapy can offer you a safe space for you to better connect with "self" and help you get to the heart of the matter and create the life you most desire. Therapy can offer you the opportunity to create a safe space to open up and begin to hear and listen to your own voice.

Therapy for Couples

It’s not uncommon to find yourself feeling disconnected and withdrawn from the person that you love the most. No matter what the challenge might be, the way the couple responds to that challenge can make the difference in the quality of the relationship. Seeking professional couple or marriage therapy can help your relationship get back on track and  feeling more connected and experiencing more joy.

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Therapy for Infidelity Recovery

Discovering a spouse's infidelity can feel devastating and surreal and creates a trauma in the marriage. Infidelity recovery therapy offers the couple a safe space to unpack the issues and restore trust and intimacy and transform the marriage. While it may seem insurmountable and impossible to recover, couples therapy can offer hope to those who want to heal from the trauma of the affair and save their marriage.

Marriage Can Be Challenging. This We Know

No matter what the challenges might be, the way the couple responds to those challenges can make the difference in the quality of the marriage. Seeking professional marriage therapy can help your relationship get back on track.


My work is informed by the idea that the key to a long, happy, healthy marriage, what I refer to as a beautiful marriage, is for both partners to allow the truth to be spoken. Finding the courage to lovingly and respectfully share your thoughts, feelings and desires as a couple allows partners to know each other intimately and creates a powerful attachment. 


I strive to provide that safe space for couples to do this sacred work.

I want to help you restore your hope!

Are ready to get started on the road to healing the connection and intimacy in your marriage and joy in your life?


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