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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions..........

I hope that I can make your decision about starting therapy with Harmony Counseling Services easier. Feel free to call if you have additional questions.



"I/we have seen counselors in the past, and did not find therapy very helpful. I often felt as if we did not get much from the counselor or therapist. What is different about your therapy approach and how do we know if we will benefit?


I understand that therapists have very unique and individual therapeutic styles. There are a variety of approaches that can be utilized in therapy. My goal is to provide each client an opportunity to identify the problems and the goals and I will share with you my approach and my recommedations. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you on the phone to answer any questions you have prior to scheduling your initial session. My approach to therapy is insight oriented and depth oriented. I strive to help each client identify the underlying developmental and emotional issues that are contributing to their distress. We work together as a team the address those underlying issues and make developmental changes that support life long change. 



"What happens in the first session?”


When you arrive, please have a seat in our waiting room. At your appointment time, I will greet you and bring you to my office. I will invite you to share your concerns and your wishes for therapy at this point. I will share my impressions and recommendation and if you feel comfortable regarding moving forward, you will be rescheduled to return so we can begin our work together. 


“Do you work with other issues other than relationships?”


Absolutely. I also enjoy working with individuals regarding a variety of other issues. Click here or give me a call and we can talk specifically about your issue.


"My relationship has recently ended due to break up or divorce and I need somewhere to talk about it and figure out how to move on. Can you help those who are ending a relationship?


Yes I can.  Relationships exist on a continuum , and ending a relationship and moving on is  also a relationship issue. This can be one of the best times in life to begin therapy. It can be such a gift to allow yourself the time and space to grieve the end of a relatioship, get clarity and understanding about yourself and move forward in creating the types of relationships that you desire. Because of my own journey in life, I greatly value this work.


“I’m having marital or relationship problems, but my partner is unwilling to come to

therapy. Can therapy be helpful for me individually?”



Yes, therapy can be beneficial to the individual who is having relationship problems. While we are not able to do couples therapy, we can help you understand the relationship problems better and develop the ability to relate to your loved ones in a healthier, more effective way.


“I recently discovered my spouse has been involved with another person. I am feeling very angry and hurt and I don’t know what to do.  Can couples therapy help us work through this and save our marriage”?


Discovering infidelity is typically a very painful and traumatic event for a spouse. It usually causes a variety of very intense emotions for both partners and the relationship can usually benefit from the assistance of a licensed marriage therapist who specializes in infidelity recovery. I have found that many clients I have worked with over the years have not only recovered from the pain of infidelity, but have thrived afterwards. While infidelity recovery can be difficult, it can also be a very rewarding transformative experience and I welcome the opportunity to accompany clients through that journey. Learn more


“I have health insurance, do you accept it?”


I am only out-of-network with insurance, which means I am not able to submit for in-network reimbursement from your insurance company. My clients pay for services out-of-pocket, and I can provide a receipt to those who wish to submit for out-of-network reimbursement. However, you may use your Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts to pay for therapy services. 

“How do I get started?”

You ask great questions! I know that seeking therapy may not be easy, but I want to make getting started easy as possible.

You can click here to schedule your first appointment or call me at (214) 872-4334 to get scheduled.

I so look forward to meeting you!

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