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An African American Woman's Masterclass Experience



Because we are living in a world that serves daily doses of traumatic experiences, our culture is now having  important conversations about trauma, therapy, and self-care. 

Black women are currently seeking and engaging in counseling and therapy in greater numbers than ever seen in history. The popular website and podcast, THERAPY FOR BLACK GIRLS has truly created a movement within the Black community to seek healing and wellness via the counseling and the therapy space. 


As a result of this trend, Black women are beginning to really unpack and explore early relational trauma; what we in the field refer to as “attachment trauma”, “developmental trauma” or “childhood trauma”. These are often repetitive, emotionally hurtful experiences that happen inside of our relationship with our caretakers during our childhood, that negatively impact our long-term sense of wellbeing and feelings of safety inside of relationships.


Within the Black community, we are often surprised and shocked that these experiences are considered “traumatic". But the truth is, they are often traumatic because they can create repetitive experiences that negatively effect our sense of self-worth, self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and relational safety. They get stored in our nervous system, and set us for a lifetime of depression, anxiety, insecurity, fear and relationship problems. 

Investing in the hard work of therapy is such a courageous act. Ideally it creates a safe space to really start to unpack our early experiences and really understand how much those experiences have imprinted on us. Along with that awareness, comes a ton of emotions and grief. I do mean a TON.  The recovery process can take time and certainly requires much by way of energy and resilience. 


Sometimes the trauma recovery process can feel scary, daunting, and overwhelming. 


As a psychotherapist and a fellow trauma therapy traveler, I have realized that those early traumatic experiences oftentimes create limitations and vulnerabilities in our relationship with SELF. It can set us up to disconnect from self, and loose connection to our own SELF energy (the inherent core energy that guides our knowing and healing). 


More often than not, we have become self-neglecting, self-minimizing, and have abandoned  ourselves.  We can find ourselves over-functioning, prioritizing the needs of others over our own, hustling for worthiness, feeling anxious and depressed, because we simply do not tend to our own needs. 


This is a form of SELF-NEGLECT!


Girl….it is time to take that damn cape off and get to the business of rescuing ourselves! 


Ultimately, this lack of self-care limits our growth and long-term healing and prevents us from enjoying the intended inheritance of our therapy work……JOY. CALM. PEACE. 


While we may know what we need to do, we don’t always have the energy, motivation, accountability and resources needed to follow through. That can really cause us to question, “IS THERAPY REALLY HELPING?”


Yes….it likely is. You may just need some additional support to elevate the impact of your therapy work. You may benefit from having a collective safe space to continue to be curious about your story and better understand how your early trauma experiences shape your current self-care needs, and get the tools and support to create a SELF-CARE BLUEPRINT to support your continued trauma healing and recovery. 



In my own recovery journey, I have learned TWO very important lessons:

1. While my therapist is helping me really understand my trauma and it’s impact, it’s my responsibility to make the changes in MY life to re-parent and heal myself.

2. Self-Care is HEALING. It is the solution to the problem of our childhood trauma. Most early trauma is facilitated in the LOSS and DEPRIVATION  of very basic physical and emotional needs. SELF-CARE becomes the targeted, intentional response to HEAL that early deprivation. It is the way you show up for yourself and care for yourself in a very mindful, nurturing, loving way. At it's core, SELF CARE IS RE-PARENTING. 


I am now on a mission to share this with as many folks as I can.


I feel especially moved to champion the movement with the group of folks who I feel purposed to serve....BLACK WOMEN!

This Masterclass was created based on two key premises:

1) Intentional, internal, self-care is one of the greatest tools for long-term trauma recovery. 


2) Black women have historically experienced significant under-representation in the mental health and therapy space and are in need of culturally sensitive, safe, nurturing spaces to pursue healing and recovery. 





The class will support and benefit Black women who:


  • have started the trauma recovery journey AND can use additional support in identifying how to best-care for themselves while in therapy.


  •  have started the trauma recovery journey AND want additional tools to deepen their therapy experience.


  • are currently in individual therapy, but may be feeling stuck and unsure how to go deeper or get traction in the trauma recovery journey. 


  • have done the work of individual therapy to address early relational trauma in the past and are eager to continue their own healing and recovery. 


  • are curious about the possibility of starting therapy AND want to better understanding how their early relational traumas may have impacted them. 


The goal of the class is to encourage and support Black women to expand and deepen their therapy work to include a more intentional, mindful, internally focused self-care regimen that addresses their respective early trauma and helps to increase self-awareness, self-connection and self-nurturance. 


SELF-CARE BLUEPRINT will provide participants: 


-A virtual community that offers a safe, supportive space to be curious about your own childhood trauma story and develop increasing self-awareness to elevate your healing and recovery work

-An introduction to the concept of Self Energy and a deeper understanding how to connect to that inherent, wise self that can guide your Self-care journey


-Exploration of the differences between external self-care v. internal self-care


- An introduction to Trauma Informed Self-Care - An internal model of self care that is a mindful, intentional, emotional needs-based model of self-nurturance that can support long-term trauma recovery


-Instruction, coaching and resources to facilitate increased self-awareness about how your early trauma has impacted your adult life and subsequently determines your self-care needs


-Instruction, coaching and resources regarding how to identify your most significant 

self-care needs 


-Resources and a framework for developing a very personalized self-care blueprint to support ongoing trauma recovery and long-term emotional well being

-A safe, supportive, culturally sensitive  virtual space to connect with other Black women around healing and wellness

-Access to Kimberly's very unique brand of emotional coaching and support


***This Masterclass is supplemental to individual therapy, not in lieu of individual therapy.



The masterclass  will meet virtually for 6 weeks on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:15pm.








Early Bird Pricing $997 - before June 22

Limited Availability 

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