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 Women's Therapy, Frisco, Texas

Are you a woman who is experiencing......

  • feelings of depression, sadness, or anxiety

  • feelings of inadequacy and insecurity

  • perfectionistic behaviors and a negative internal critic

  • isolation and loneliness 

  • chronic feelings of shame

  • a chronic pattern of "people pleasing" 

  • relationship problems

  • a desire to connect with other woman in a safe space

  • a need for support, encourangement and accountability

  • a longstanding dream and hope for your life that you can't seem to bring into existance


If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you may benefit from joining the Women's Group. The group offers you a safe space to address those issues requiring attention in your life and provides each woman the type of support, encouragement, and accountablitly we can benefit from.


The group will be Tuesday evenings from 6pm -7:15pm. The group is an ongoing group that is open to new clients. Group therapy can be a great adjunct to individual therapy or a solid substitute for individual therapy for those who are ready to begin the work of therapy but are unable to make the investment of individual therapy. 


The mission of the group is for each woman to....


  •  identify the barriers in her life that prevent her from being successful and joyful;

  •  identify those elements in her life that drain her energy and prevent her from being her best self, 

  •  create a plan of action to start making changes in her life.

  •  provide support, encouragement and accountability in bringing forth that plan of action.

  •  provide a place to celebrate her success.


We will address the common challenges that limit our emotional and relational potential and assist each woman in building her skills and creating a plan to find joy and connection in her life.


As woman we tend to crave and thrive in connection with each other. Our natural ability to support and encourage each other can be a wonderful catalyst for change.


If you are interested in the upcoming group, please click here and send me an email. I welcome the opportunity to answer questions.



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