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Infidelity Therapy in Frisco, TX

Discovering a spouse's infidelity can feel devastating and sureal.


Couples often find themselves in a state of confusion and feeling very alone and unsure how to move through the overwhelming emotions.


The acknowledgement of infidelity is frequently followed by very intense emotions and can thrust the relationship into a state of crises. The involved partner is ofter besieged with guilt, shame and depression. The betrayed partner often demonstrates an acute stress response, with symptoms simular to post-traumatic stress disorder, including:


  • Intense emotions (i.e., anger, sadness, panic attacks, anxiety)

  • physiological hyperarousal

  • flashbacks

  • intrusive thoughts and images


Infidelity recovery offers the couple a professional, safe space to address the issues and restore trust and intimacy. While it may seem insurmountable and impossible to save your marriage, couple's therapy offers hope to those who want to heal from the trauma of the affair and save the marriage.

Has your marriage been affected by an extra-marital affair but you want to restore the trust and save the marriage?


Has your spouse admitted to having multiple sexual relationships outside or your marriage, but desires to get help and rebuild the trust and intimacy in your marriage?


Has you or your partner developed an emotional relationship with someone else, but desire to restore the trust in the marriage?


Are you having difficulty forgiving and trusting your partner due to an affair but desire to overcome those feelings?


Do you find yourself feeling insecure and asking repetitive questions about your partner's relationship with another person, yet you desire to work through those feelings and let go?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above, you are not alone, and there is help.

Healing from infidelity is possible!

I have worked with many couples affected by infidelity and helped them to do the healing work required to transform their relationships. It is possible to create an even better, stronger, more connected marriage after infidelity therapy. 


It would be an honor to be of service to you and your spouse during this very difficult time. I welcome the opportunity to walk along side the two of you and help you in the process of rebuilding your marriage and creating and even better, stronger bond.

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