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Let's Restore Intimacy and Connection to Your Marriage

Joy In Your Life

Two of our primary human needs are safety (security) and love.

On a very deep level we all desire and need to be seen and heard and at the deepest level we desire to be known and understood, particularly by our spouse.

Because humans are beautifully hardwired for connection and love, a spouse's emotional withdrawal and disconnection or emotional reactivity becomes a "threat" to the partner's sense of security and safety, and we begin to respond in ways that over time, can become detrimental and harmful to the marriage.


The mind simply cannot be in a place of love and "self defense" simultaneously. Ideally, marriage is designed to meet these very important needs. However, when these basic needs are not met or start competing in our marriage, marital distress ensues.

How I Can Help....

I enjoy helping motivated married couples who are having difficulties with meeting these all important relationship needs. In my work, I have found when these emotional needs are not being met in marriage, couples begin to experience the following symptoms:

-repetitive conflict

-feelings of disconnection

-emotional withdrawal

-loss of physical, emotional and sexual intimacy

-chronic, recycled arguments

-nonproductive communication

-loss of trust


Generally speaking, these are symptoms.....Not the problem.


Most often the most significant problem in marriage is the couple's inability to feel seen, heard, known or understood by one another. In addition to these sources of pain, it's not uncommon for partner's to feel as if their spouse does not "have their back" or they are no longer functioning as a team. 

My passion and mission as a couple's psychotherapist is to guide couples along the journey to restore a sense of security and love in their relationship with their spouse and restore that sense of connection.


I strive to help each partner gain insight and clarity regarding their own unmet emotional needs in a safe and healing way with their spouse. Research suggests that good couples psychotherapy can be synergistic in helping individuals address individual relational challenges.


My approach allows me to gently and respectfully coach clients to develop the emotional and developmental skills to rebuild connection and intimacy and effectively deal with conflict in the relationship.


Once developed and maintained, couples can build a beautiful marriage that supports and encourages INTIMACY, CONNECTION and JOY.

This sacred work requires each partner to develop the ability to see themselves more accurately and understand the ways in which they are negatively impacting the marriage.


This kind of therapy requires a mix of commitment, transparency, vulnerability, courage, compassion and intentional actions. It can be truely transformative.

However, it requires a deep commitment to the marriage and a desire to heal and restore the marriage.

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Together we can help you and your partner...


​Have greater intimacy and connection 

Improve sexual relationship

Learn how to communicate better

Deal with those RADIOACTIVE issues more effectively 

Resolve recurring arguments

Spend more quality time laughing and having fun

Have greater understanding and compassion for each other

Improve the feelings of trust

Deal with parenting issues more effectively

Have greater marital satisfaction and overall joy

I want to help you restore your hope!

If you are ready to get started on the road to healing the connection and intimacy in your marriage and joy in your life, give me a call

Schedule your appointment today. It's easy, convenient and confidential. 

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