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Individual Therapy in Frisco, TX


  • Are you experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety or insecurity?

  • Are you getting through life, but not feeling much happiness or joy?

  • Are you questioning where you are in life and wondering if things could ever be better for you?

  • Do you find yourself feeling "numb" or "stuck"?

  • Are you feeling scared, alone and disconnected in your marriage or primary relationships?

Sometimes life just hurts and you just don't know where to turn......


If so, You Are Not Alone. It is not uncommon to hit "bumps in the road" of life and the good news is Therapy Can Help!

Individual therapy can help you "get to the heart of the matter" and create the life you most desire. Much of the benefit of therapy is found in the relationship between the client and therapist and having an opportunity to open up and express one's self in such an honest and authentic way. Time and time again, clients have expressed the value of having a safe space to be heard and understood. A place to hear and listen to their own voice.


It is within this safe space, that one can begin to see and experience themselves in such a transparent and honest way, develop the ability to truly understand and trust their experiences, and make transformative life changes that once felt impossible.


I know first hand that therapy can help......


  • Improve mood and general sense of well being

  • Decrease and alleviate fear and anxiety

  • Enhance feelings of self worth and self confidence

  • Create more joyful, harmonious relationships

  • Eliminate perfectionims and self-judgement

  • Relieve feelings of guilt, shame and insecurity

  • Eliminate negative, inflexible thinking and self-defeating interanal dialogue

  • Reduce the use of defense mechanisms and create healthier coping skills

  • Increase ability to manage stress and weather the "storms" of life


 Let's see if we can make a great team!

I welcome the opportunity to walk along side you on your journey to the life that you desire.


Schedule online today to get started.

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